Public transport in Rybnik is organized by the Board of Public Transport in Rybnik
(Zarząd Transportu Zbiorowego w Rybniku), located on 6 Budowlanych St., Rybnik 44-200,
phone no. 32 7557160,

Lines of public transport are marked with single- or two-digit.
Night lines run only on weekends and are marked with the letter or number.

Most buses can be identified by white-blue color.

Buses usually stop at all stops on a route. At the estimated time of bus arrival we advise you to stand on a bus stop in clear and legible way for a bus driver.

Before you enter the bus:
-buy at a news-stand or another spot marked “Tu doładujesz E-Kartę” electronic ticket with a minimum of 8 PLN or request to recharge it with higher amount if you are planning few more trips,
-prepare small change if you want to buy a ticket from a driver.



When you enter the bus:
-if you already have a e-ticket with funds immediately bring it closer to reading field of a ticket puncher,
-if you have a right to reduction, and you have documents which confirm that allowance, before closing-up the e-ticket to reading field of a ticket puncher press the “U” button.

-if you want to buy a ticket from the bus driver: enter the first door and before the bus moves tell the driver where you want to go and what kind of ticket you need (normal, reduced). Pay for it and get a single ticket in the form of printout. It is confirmation of payment for a ride. There is no need to punch it.

If you want to exit the bus:
- before the bus stop confirm this fact by pressing the “WYJSCIE”, „STOP” or „DRZWI” button,
- after the vehicle stop on a desire spot bring e-ticket closer to reading field of a ticket puncher. It will automatically refund the amount of money depending from length of your ride.

Single ticket is needed only on the bus, in which it was purchased. After the trip you can save it for example to cost controls.

To control the validity of the tickets during ticket inspections are authorized only individuals with appropriate IDs.

All information about the pricelist, detailed timetable, line plan and others are available on

We welcome to use public transport.
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